[ Evanescence | The Open Door | Wind-Up Records]

Evanescence’s latest album, The Open Door, beckons to all those who bought the band’s 2003 hit album, Fallen. However, The Open Door does not live up to its name, as the group’s latest CD doesn’t open any new doors for the alternative rockers. On The Open Door, the band tries to recapture the unique sound that helped them sell so many copies of Fallen, but their efforts fall short. Unfortunately, the CD reveals none of the maturity or depth that you would expect from any band’s fourth album.

The first single off the album, “Call Me When You’re Sober” is definitely not a classic, with its repetition and predictability. In fact, it’s sometimes hard to stay awake when listening to this disc, as many of the tracks tend to become redundant after the third song.

Not to say that the CD is all bad – Amy Lee’s vocals remain strong, especially on the track “Weight of the World.” And those songs that don’t inspire immediate lethargy are definitely good driving music, if nothing else.

The standout track on the album is “Good Enough,” which uses a simple melody and lyrics to capture Lee in a seemingly vulnerable position, as she goes from a low whisper to a loud cry while singing the lyrics, “And I’m still waiting for the rain to fall / pour real life down on me / cause I can’t hold onto anything this good / enough / am I good enough / for you to love me too?” The sweetness and honesty of “Good Enough” seems reminiscent of the popular track from Fallen “My Immortal,” and it is unfortunate the album’s other tracks lack such genuineness.

Unlike the band’s previous works, this album lacks a strong anthem. And, in fact, the CD lacks a lot of things – especially the originality and innovation required to make it interesting. Ultimately, this is one album that should stay behind closed doors.

[Alyson Osterman can call us anytime – although chances are it will be tough to find a time when we’re sober.]