Editor, Daily Nexus,

The first amendment of our constitution states, “Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom of speech.” Many would then interpret that a professor teaching students in state facilities at a state university would be protected by the laws of the federal government. David Horowitz, who came to campus yesterday, has an entirely different opinion.

David Horowitz is notorious for his views regarding political free speech in classrooms. His book, entitled ProFessors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America, is a conglomeration of libelous assaults on well-spoken professors. Through his writings and lectures, Horowitz blatantly attacks human liberties, and in doing so, deteriorates the importance of our first constitutional amendment.

The twisted motivation behind Horowitz’s opinion is part of a greater conservative endeavor to reverse social progress back to the time of our grandparents. Horowitz travels from campus to campus and regurgitates a form of McCarthyism dating back to the late 1940’s. U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy is famous for the Second Red Scare. McCarthy and his henchmen deceived the public into believing that Soviet and leftist infiltrators were taking over American institutions.

David Horowitz is probably being paid over 10 thousand dollars to come to UCSB to spread this propaganda. Last year, Ben Stein was paid over 15 thousand dollars by his conservative constituents to sermonize and indoctrinate students. The ideologies and motives of these conservatives need to be seen at face value and not tolerated on the UCSB campus.