Aiming to hire graduating seniors, the Target Corporation hit the bull’s-eye yesterday with a $2,500 dollar grant presented to UCSB Career Services.

The donation, which is part of Target’s bid to lure college-educated students into management positions, secured the corporation’s relationship with Career Services as a ” gold level” career partner. The company is now one of 12 preferred employers that Career Services specifically endorses, meaning its counselors will now actively direct inquiring students to the Target Corporation for employment after graduation.

Don Lubach, associate director of Career Services, said Target made a presentation to Career Services employees explaining opportunities for students after graduation.

“It sounds like instant management to me,” Lubach said. “Target is looking for people to run their stores.”

Lubach said that stores like Target are struggling to break away from the retail job stereotype. He recommended that UCSB undergrads unsure of their post-graduation options should consider employment as a viable alternative to graduate school.

“They could make $48,000 dollars a year working with Target, or they can spend $40,000 a year in postgraduate studies,” Lubach said.

Ignacio Gallardo, employer relations coordinator for Career Services, said that Target’s $2,500 contribution will grant the company wider exposure on campus. He said the money provided by the companies helps keep Career Services assistance free to students. However, Gallardo noted that any company can recruit on campus, regardless of whether they make a donation.

Laurie Pederson, a campus recruiter for Target, said that because the corporation is expanding and constructing additional stores, its demand for college-educated employees has grown.

“We are looking for people to enter the company, and lead and grow with it,” said Pederson.

According to Pederson, Target offers a starting salary of $48,000 per year for new management employees.

“New execs will have anywhere between seven to eight people reporting to them, and up to 60 people working under them in the store,” said Pederson.

Lubach said that Target is one of the employers scheduled to appear at Career Services’ upcoming “Business and Beyond” career fair, which will be held at Corwin Pavilion on Oct. 18.

“We have an employer waiting list for recruitment,” Lubach said. “This is just a brilliant time to be graduating from UCSB.”