Editor, Daily Nexus,

The title added by the Nexus to my letter (“UCSB Conspires With Landlords to Evict Locals,” Daily Nexus, Sept. 28) is unacceptably inaccurate. I mentioned a plot (by UC management, obvious from context) and general conspiracy to take over the town and drive out the locals. “General conspiracy” and “conspires with … to …” are not interchangeable! It is wrong to invent titles that make specific statements (especially accusations) by combining details from separate statements and contexts! Only tabloid journalists commit such travesties.

Nothing in my letter states or implies that UC and landlords conspire over specific tactics (evictions, etc.), but they are in a general conspiracy to tilt the playing field against locals in every which way they each can get away with. Should I dumb down future letters to your paper? Please restore my credibility that you have somewhat diminished and set the record straight in this highly controversial matter. Publish this correction (or equivalent) as a duty you have brought upon yourselves by enormous error. If the perpetrators re-label me from adversary to lying adversary, my effectiveness in local issues is reduced! Clear enough?