This article appeared in a predecessor of the Daily Nexus – El Gaucho – on Sept. 29, 1950. At the time, UCSB was called the University of California Santa Barbara College and was located on a 13-acre campus in the Riviera area above Santa Barbara.

Freshmen will be in the spotlight between halves at the Gaucho-Pomona game tomorrow night as they stage the special half-time stunt required of them for Frosh Indoctrination. Attendance in this activity is required for all Freshmen, according to Jack Green, chairman of the event. It is hoped that full attendance by all Frosh will produce an even better stunt than was put on by last year’s Frosh.

Another activity required for all Freshmen is Frosh Day, an annual affair, which will be held October 14 at the Goleta campus from 3:30 to 11 pm.

Activities for the day will include the Soph-Frosh Mud Brawl, intra-mural sports, faculty-student picnic, bonfire and rally, college tribunal, and all-college dance.

This event will end Green Month for all Freshmen, which is being planned and handled by Bob Christofferson and Jim Mulick, co-chairmen of the Special Events Committee.

Frosh Black Box

All upperclassmen are urged to help enforce Green Month regulations and drop the names of the violators into the black box in the Cafeteria.

Briefly, Frosh Regulations require freshmen to wear their green ribbons and beanies, carry their Frosh Bibles at all times, and attend all student body rallies and meetings.

Frosh Memory

Freshmen must also know UCSBC history, the Alma Mater Hymn, and all school songs and yells. It is also their duty to build and guard the Freshman Bonfire on October 14.