Editor, Daily Nexus,

As the manager of Residential Network Services here at UCSB, I am responsible for the ResNet service. I would like to comment on the article that appeared in this year’s Orientation Issue (“Let ResNet, Autobots Help You,” Daily Nexus, O-Issue 2006) about ResNet. It appears that the intention of this article was to encourage residents at UCSB to perform illegal activity while connected to a university resource. The discussion about DC++ is irresponsible and potentially legally damaging to our residents because the article implied that DC++ is an acceptable application. In fact, using DC++, or any peer-to-peer application to share copyright-protected material is illegal. The enforcement of copyright violations is a serious matter at all universities, including UCSB, and students who are influenced by the article may well find themselves in serious trouble. The article’s author was irresponsible in leading our incoming residents into a dangerous practice. This should not be condoned by any -niversity affiliated organization, including the Daily Nexus.

Ben Price is the Residential Network Services Manager .