One of the highest volume traffic areas on campus will be closed this summer, temporarily inconveniencing travelers for a better look.

The section of sidewalk and bike path between Snidecor Hall and the Thunderdome leading to the Pardall Tunnel will be closed July 5 through Sept. 8 to undergo a complete facelift before the opening of the new Student Resources Building in October.

Gary Banks, project manager of Campus Design & Facilities Management, said the construction was scheduled for the summer in order to minimize inconvenience for bicyclists and pedestrians.

“We wanted to do this during the summer months because there is less activity on campus [than during the academic year],” Banks said. “There is a little bit of a dilemma because this is such a high-traffic area, but this is the best way with the least amount of impact.”

Along with repaving the sidewalk and bike path, Banks said RQ Construction — using the designs drawn up by Sasaki Associates, Inc. — will employ contractors to provide new lines of irrigation, landscaping and a nighttime lighting system for the area.

Banks said the changes will update the west side of the campus.

“The bike loop is still going to be there, but everything will finally look nicer, more finished and fresh,” Banks said. “Campus construction has been going on over at the engineering side of campus and most of the science buildings are now finished. We’re trying to get everything done so this side of the campus looks finished, too.”

The new parking structure will open shortly after the adjacent SRB does, Banks said.

To accommodate bicyclists and pedestrians, Banks said construction work in the surrounding areas is set to finish before September.

“It’s disruptive, but there is no good time,” Banks said. “The best time for us is during the summer, but there still is a bit of activity. We are working as fast as we can to have this done by Fall Quarter.”

Although summer sessions just started this week, Banks said that so far there have not been any complaints about the noise or construction, which begins around 7 a.m. and continues throughout the day until 4 p.m.

“We’re trying to be sensitive,” Banks said. “San [Rafael Residence Hall] and the other dorms usually hold students for summer housing, so we are trying to be as sensitive as we can about that. If anyone calls and has a complaint, we will address the issue right away.”