The Pink Mailbox, a residence and music space for the Isla Vista community, is all wrapped up in cool, elusive appeal. This quietly evolving venue is keeping the independent music scene aflame in Santa Barbara, but it remains a mystery to many of us Isla Vista residents. The catchy name “The Pink Mailbox” is reminiscent of the title of a “Sesame Street” episode and it is immediately intriguing, inciting the question, “Just what is the Pink Mailbox?”

The swingin’ Isla Vista abode got its name about five or six years ago from — you guessed it — the pink mailbox in front of the house. The Pink Mailbox began as a collective house made up of mostly artists. Members of the house then collaborated to set up a music space. The first shows there were generally indie and pop, featuring artists like Mirah, the Microphones, as well as several K Records groups. Now the venue hosts everything from pop to hardcore.

Chandler Briggs, former resident of the Mailbox and one of the house’s music managers, said that the Pink Mailbox is constantly changing. He characterized it as a collective, alternative space that attracts people who want to hear independent music and not pay a lot of money to go see a live show.

The crowd at the Mailbox is usually made up of vegans, vegetarians, artists and musicians. The Pink Mailbox tends to draw the alternative crowd. The house is also known for holding some kick-ass vegan potlucks, which not only satisfy the bands’ and the audiences’ bellies, but they also promote a greater sense of community at the venue’s events.

The Pink Mailbox shares the ideals of other indie venues like the Biko House and the Hard to Find Showspace, as all three provide space for the community to share music in an all-ages setting that is not going to leave audience members stressed about paying the next rent check. What makes the Pink Mailbox unique is its intimate gatherings. The residents of the house open up their living room for performers to jam, and the band members often crash out on the couch. Good music, great food, chill people and sleepovers — what more could a local music lover want? Check out this innovative music space, located at 6668 Pasado Unit B, the next show is July 22 at 8 p.m. and features the One AM Radio, among other groups. For more info visit: