After months of planning, a venue change and bounds of advertising, Chilla Vista is set to rock, educate and even recreate the Isla Vista community.

The festival will be held this Sunday from noon to 8 p.m. in People’s Park, Embarcadero Hall and its parking lot. Several bands, a few Student Health groups, a film festival, food and alcohol are all included in the day-long event, which organizers hope with bring the community together, said Jake Lehman, Chilla Vista coordinator and third-year global studies major.

The festival, which is expected to draw 1,000, also focuses on environmental sustainability and teaches community members how to reduce their impact on the environment, Lehman said.

Lehman said he came up with the idea of Chilla Vista last November, and hopes it will become a tradition for Isla Vista’s residents, including UCSB students, Santa Barbara City College students and long-term residents.

“It’s not just a student thing,” Lehman said. “We’re trying to make it an integrative community experience.”

Organizers wanted Chilla Vista to be held on Del Playa Drive, but Santa Barbara County officials did not approve the location in time, Lehman said. He said he had tried to gain approval since February.

“The county expressed interest but were not on board,” Lehman said. “We tried to have meetings, but they never got it together. They didn’t have enough will to do it.”

Lehman said organizers will plan the next Chilla Vista earlier in the year, with the intent of hosting it on Del Playa Drive.

Second-year global studies major Zekee Silos said Chilla Vista will be a “zero waste” festival, meaning only solar and bio-diesel energy will be used and trash will be picked up, recycled and composted throughout the day.

Lehman said all flyers promoting Chilla Vista were printed on recycled paper and all posters were printed on wood, alternative hemp and recycled paper.

Lehman said three classes were involved in organizing the event: Sociology 194, Communication 199 and Chicano Studies 194.

Along with the community-building and environmental aspect of the festival, Silos said three Student Health groups will be present: Healthy Eating and Living – of which Silos is a representative – Students Teaching Alcohol and other Drug Responsibilities, and Sex and Relationships.

Silos said SNR will educate festivalgoers about sexually transmitted infections, relationships and masturbation – in part by using a Tunnel of Health and a Health Obstacle Course. The course includes “hydro-pong,” a water version of beer pong, as well as a station where participants will have to correctly put a condom on a dildo.

The Tunnel of Health will have information and pictures from each health group, Silos said.

“There will be a separate section for mature audiences only,” Silos said. “It’s about sex and relationships and there will be really explicit and graphic images.”

Ten bands will be at the event, including Blue Turtle Seduction, Delta Nove, Boombox Orchestra, Iration, Winslow and Rebelution. Local bands will play on a stage in the Embarcadero Hall parking lot behind the bike racks, and the main bands will play on a stage adjacent to the Isla Vista Medical Clinic in the back of People’s Park, Lehman said.

Joe Madden, a Chilla Vista organizer and fourth-year political science major, said 11 bands were slated to play, but planners had to cancel a performance by hip hop group Typical Cats at the last minute.

“We booked them and had to cancel because our insurance group told us they wouldn’t cover the hip hop group,” Madden said.

Logistics coordinator and fourth-year psychology major Levi Felix said the insurance company was worried about the liabilities of gang relations.

Along with music and movies, there will be a farmer’s market selling organic food, a hemp/organic clothing fashion show, a Mariachi band, Folklorico and Aztec dancing, as well as a children’s carnival at Chilla Vista. Silos said students from Chicano Studies 194 will run the children’s carnival.

Lehman said he is ready for Chilla Vista.

“The stress had come in the past couple weeks and this week I’m just chilling, which is essential to Chilla Vista,” Lehman said.