Editor, Daily Nexus,

I’m writing in response to Benjamin Wood’s article (“Boycott for Workers’ Rights,” Daily Nexus, April 28). Mr. Wood’s attempt to frame the “anti-immigration” segment of the debate presents a narrow-minded and unqualified picture of those in opposition to Monday’s demonstration.

At the outset of his article, Mr. Wood points out his own long-held observation that the illegal immigrant population must brave “enormous inequalities.” What Mr. Wood fails to mention, however, is the small fact that the manner in which they came here put them in such a dire position. I’ll be the first to tell you that illegal immigrants provide enormous vitality for the U.S. economy, and that we would be a weaker nation without them.

On the other hand, illegal immigration opens up enormous holes in the security and infrastructure of our country. By being undocumented, illegal immigrants put a powerful strain on the ability of our hospitals to maintain emergency rooms – because they use them as a free, all-purpose doctor’s offices – and put private citizens in financial and physical danger by recklessly driving without insurance. Smuggling humans, drugs and firearms compromises our safety from terrorism and violent drug cartels. The Sensenbrenner bill seeks to curtail this by making illegal entrance into the country, or aiding those in the process, a felony. In fact, the bill does not go far enough. To protect its safety and economy, America needs “high walls with a big gate.”

You, the readers, may have noticed that no congressional representative or senator, in either political party, has called for the deportation of illegal immigrants. Deportation of the 20 million or more illegal immigrants in this country is logistically impossible and morally filthy. Some variation of amnesty has to be given to those already in the country, but the further continuation of illegal immigration is unacceptable. To prevent this, the U.S. should reform its current immigration laws, which are archaic and racist, to allow low-skilled workers to immigrate legally and crush the black market infrastructure that currently brings them here.

In conclusion, I encourage you to have a good time on May Day, but don’t go because you fear that millions of hard-working illegal immigrants will be deported. Write your representatives and tell them that any high wall we build needs a big gate. Those who come here to work long hours and build families are already Americans, whether the government currently recognizes that or not.