Editor, Daily Nexus,

I am writing in response to the article entitled “IVFP Thwarts Robbery Attempt Over Weekend” (Daily Nexus, April 18). Allegedly, a group of three young men broke into the house holding it at gunpoint with the intent to steal the resident’s “money and marijuana.” In my opinion, this article is a prime example of the erroneous crimes occurring in our society as a result of the current war on marijuana. In this article, it is clearly evident that the thieves committed the robbery in search of marijuana. Why is marijuana related to so many crimes? This is because it is illegal, and it is bought and sold in the midst of crimes on the streets. Also, the truth is, that, ounce for ounce, the price of marijuana is more than the price of gold because of its black market value. As a female college, I feel like this current robbery plants fear in my mind of living in an environment where drug-related robberies and crimes are occurring.

This fear truly affects me, and it will continue to affect all UCSB students if there is nothing done to better the current system. If marijuana was completely regulated and taxed, there would be a multitude of benefits for our society. In addition to improving our safety, tax revenues generated by a new system of legal marijuana could be used for education, law enforcement and treatment programs. Even our institution is loosing a possible source of funding thanks to marijuana prohibition. Meanwhile students are already struggling with getting into necessary classes as the educations system is degrading as our governor continues to slash funding for our schools. For example, it was saddening to hear that the Law & Society Dept. has been shut down due to a lost of funding. This is a disgrace to UCSB as it limits the educational opportunities for all students, which should be a high priority.

If you feel strongly about this injustice, I recommend that you get involved with NORML on campus. NORML supports the reformation of marijuana laws to ensure greater safety for all members of our community. If you are in favor of lowering tuition while improving our educational system, you should put your vote on GOLD to use. By voting for Daniel “Dank” Komins as your off-campus representative, you will be making an important contribution to our safety. He is running for the Cannabis Coalition, the student party without any blue or green signs. This coalition’s purpose is to make sure UCSB is informing California of the necessity for the taxation of this drug and to provide better education, protection and treatment.