Editor, Daily Nexus,

As a member of the Campus Elections Committee, I was appalled to see flyers being distributed to students with the claim that our current staff members are also involved with the Open People’s Party. We were not previously, nor are we currently, involved with the campaign process of either party. Members of the Elections Committee did, in fact, campaign with a party in past years, but we all removed ourselves from the group upon deciding to join the neutral Elections Committee. Because of unrelated circumstances affecting the flyers, we have been unable to confiscate the flyers with false information, and would therefore like to make our stance known. We are all offended by claims that we are taking sides and would like to state publicly that we do everything we can to be fair to all candidates and work very hard to put our personal biases aside when making decisions. We look forward to a successful election week and would like to once again remind everyone to please bring any further concerns to our attention. Thank you.