Student Voice Initiative

The Student Voice Initiative is a $2 increase to support the UC Students Association, which represents all of the UC schools to the UC Regents, as well as to the California Legislature and governor. With an increased lock-in fee, UCSA would be able to hire more representatives and lobby more effectively for lower student fees and increased financial aid support for UC students. This is the only association that effectively ties all of the UC campuses together in the eyes of the Regents, and we need all the help we can get to ensure that the Regents take students’ needs and wants seriously.

– The Nexus endorses the Student Voice Initiative.

A.S. Program Board Fee Increase

Already operating in deficit in order to bring our campus affordable movies and other fine entertainment, Program Board currently receives far less money from students than do similar groups on other UC campuses. A fee increase of $4.50 per quarter would bring UCSB’s Program Board up to par with its counterparts throughout the UC system, giving it a larger budget and a better shot at bringing bigger bands and performers to campus. The results from the fee increase would be tangible and immediate, helping further improve one of the best programs A.S. currently offers.

– The Nexus strongly endorses the A.S. Program Board Fee Increase.

MultiCultural Center Increase

Even though the MultiCultural Center provides this campus with many educational services and events, a $3 increase would give the center thousands of dollars each quarter for which it has not demonstrated a great need. While we respect the MCC