In addition to the four other initiatives included on this year’s spring election ballot, the University of California Student Association is requesting a $2 lock-in fee increase, which would bring the total UCSA lock-in fee to $2.35 per student per quarter.

Currently, the organization receives $0.35 per student per quarter, a lock-in fee that was reaffirmed by students last spring. If the fee increase passes by the required two-thirds vote, students’ contributions to UCSA will increase more than fivefold.

UCSA Campus Media Coordinator Stacy Umezu said UCSA has not received a lock-in fee increase at UCSB since 1979. She said UCSA helps students by lobbying and effecting change at the state level, and was responsible for preventing the fee increases planned for next school year.

“I want to emphasize how influential they were in the fee freeze,” Umezu said. “UCSA was actually credited by the governor and [Assembly Speaker] Fabian N