Editor, Daily Nexus,

In response to James Baron’s article (“Take a Step in the Dark,” Daily Nexus, April 10, 2006), I couldn’t help but write in to say that his attempts to vilify the UCSB administration and I.V. community are both desolately pathetic and blatantly dishonest.

Using obvious lies to get his supposedly altruistic message across – to whom, I’m still unsure – Baron states that videos posted on his web site “were not filmed during the Halloween festivities, when all hell breaks loose and hundreds are arrested, but rather, on a few random spring weekends.” Call me crazy, but I can’t pinpoint a time in I.V., other than Halloween weekend, when floodlights are used on DP and when tens of thousands of people crowd the streets in sailor outfits, giant cowboy hats, sparkly wigs and a creative variety of other costumes. If you look closely at the four videos posted on his admittedly one-sided website, a good portion of the scenes were obviously shot during the Halloween debauchery that I.V. has become famous for, and not just “a few random spring weekends.”

If James Baron feels the need to save our community, he should at least try to do so in an honest manner. Either that, or shut the fuck up and save the copious amounts of time he wastes trying to reach a student population, of which a great majority think he is a pathetic nuisance with an unjustified vendetta against the UCSB community.

Beyond providing biased and annoying “expos