Editor, Daily Nexus,

The brothers of Lambda Phi Epsilon at Santa Barbara are part of an international Asian-interest fraternity across the U.S. and Canada that has made its name on the UCSB campus since 1986 as a social and philanthropic fraternity interested in creating a positive Asian-American identity.

In October 2004, our fraternity was placed on probation for improvement in overall academics and an increase involvement in community service. For a year and a half, we have been keen on raising our grades and volunteering in the communities of Isla Vista and Goleta. While on probation, our members have spent successful hours studying together, and individually, to raise the cumulative house quarterly GPA by 0.3 points.

We have also enthusiastically volunteered for the Coil Oil Reserve and I.V. clean up programs, helped out with I.V. Elementary School’s annual activities, assisted in setting up the Safety Town program for kids and volunteered for the MS Walk and Aids Walk. As a result, we have earned over 120 hours each quarter with over 80 percent house participation and have received positive letters of recommendation from each organization with which we have worked. The members of the fraternity nationwide are proud that our national philanthropy, the Asian American Donor Program, won an award for outstanding service. In addition, the brothers of Lambda Phi Epsilon at Santa Barbara biannually throw a bone marrow drive in conjunction with A3M (Asians for Miracle Marrow Matches) and have been nominated for the best service chapter in Southern California.

These are just some examples of the dramatic changes that have taken place since being put on probation. We strongly believe the changes that have taken place are beneficial to the community, the fraternity and to ourselves. We will continue to take an active role to provide services in the best interest of our community in addition to increasing Asian awareness.