Once upon a time, NPR meant droning talk radio, hours of highbrow classical programming and the occasional hour of “world music” aimed at affluent middle-agers. Luckily, this age of pretentiousness has slowly faded into oblivion – at least as far as the Los Angeles-based public radio outlet KCRW-FM 89.9 is concerned. The station – under the forward-thinking guidance of Music Director Nic Harcourt – has jumpstarted the careers of a slew of up-and-coming acts from around the world, often watching as they grow and develop into critical darlings and commercial goldmines. And, for the past five years, KCRW has played host to a number of these artists via their annual A Sounds Eclectic Evening. This mini-palooza of the concert world has been, and continues to be, known for its diverse and much sought-after lineup. Past performers include Aimee Mann, Blackalicious and Thievery Corporation in 2002, Beck, Damien Rice and the Polyphonic Spree in 2003 and Coldplay and Caf