Bright, blooming tulips to the opening of the new Arbor for giving students another convenient place to spend their parents’ money.

Shriveled, flaky turds to Menehunes for closing its doors – putting an end to four-dollar pitchers of PBR and drunken shuffleboard in one fell swoop.

Brave, heroic tulips to the first responders at the Goleta Post Office shooting on Jan. 30.

Foot-long, squishy turds to the incredibly lengthy lines during lunchtime at Subway in the Arbor.

Fresh, flavorful tulips to the new food joints Naan Stop and L & L Hawaiian BBQ for providing a welcome alternative to the countless Mexican and sushi places in I.V.

Soggy, tormenting turds to the hail that pelted unsuspecting Isla Vistans over President’s Day weekend.

Speedy, practical tulips to the new Broida Bike Path for finally giving students a faster, legal route to cut across campus.

Pitiful beer turds to Sean Cottrell for driving drunk on Sabado Tarde Road and plowing his roommate’s BMW into 11 pedestrians.

Shiny, crafty tulips to the Office of the Student Advocate for representing students in legal matters against the University.