Lambda Phi Epsilon National Fraternity recently revoked the charter for the fraternity’s UCSB chapter, the reasons for which have yet to be disclosed.

UCSB Director of Greek Affairs Stephan Franklin confirmed the campus no longer recognizes the fraternity. However, he declined to comment on why the UCSB chapter lost its charter.

“Campus recognition has been removed, but I can’t go into any more detail than that,” Franklin said.

The Greek letters on the Lambda Phi Epsilon house — located at 6555 Segovia Road — have been removed. Members of the former fraternity declined to comment on the matter, and representatives from the national organization could not be reached for comment.

Isla Vista Foot Patrol (IVFP) Lt. Sol Linver said the IVFP has no record of the fraternity violating any state laws in recent years. He said the IVFP is generally pleased with the conduct of the Greek community in I.V.

The national fraternity was founded by Craig Ishigo at UC Los Angeles on Feb. 25, 1981. The Lambda Phi Epsilon Gamma Chapter was founded at UCSB five years later in 1986. According to the national fraternity’s website, Lambda Phi Epsilon National is “the first and only nationally recognized Asian-American interest fraternity.”