After a few minutes of casual chatting with my roommate once I had come home from work, she dropped into the conversation that the Opinion article of the Daily Nexus was particularly racy that day. My curiosity running wild and being a sucker for good journalism, I ventured to go procure a copy of this editorial masterpiece and read for myself. Remembering that a floormate always reads the Nexus, I headed over to his room to see if I could borrow a copy for a quick scan.

I found this particular gentleman, Bob, in his room studying diligently… his guitar chords… with his dubious sidekick, Bill. I asked Bob pleasantly if he had today’s newspaper and he responded in the negative and that he had put it back after reading it. Just then, the most remarkable quip departed from the lips of Bill: “If you find one… you are just like the girl in the first Opinion column.” I responded with a thick, “Fuck you.” I ventured to the first floor lobby and took a paper and read the column with surprise. It was about a girl’s erotic fantasy with her professor.

Was that what Bill thought of me? Was I some over-sexed, horny female out on the prowl for some luscious male to sink my teeth in? Did he think that sex was more important to me than my schoolwork? Did he think my mind was so overburdened with thoughts of passionate and fervent eroticism that I stalked my professors and lured them into making intense and passionate love with me? I would hope not. Truthfully, I am the exact opposite.

Of course, these thoughts plagued me for the rest of the evening. It is now 12:30 in the morning of the next day and I have just begun to work things out in my head. Perhaps it was not the above questions that I should have been thinking about… The bigger question is: Is this what the males of UCSB have come to see the females of UCSB as? This thought was even more frightening.

Now, before you go jumping to conclusions, let me clarify. I have nothing against sex. It’s how I got here, right? I have no problem with sex in any shape or form. I do not care who sleeps with whom and I do not care about how often. I know many people who view sex as a natural thing and the more and more often, the better. Good for you! I know people who have sex occasionally when in serious relationships. Good for you! I know people who have never had sex for various reasons. Good for you! Sex is not at all a bad thing and that is not what I am attacking.

To cover all bases, I would also like to state than I am not attacking men. Females already wear pants, work, vote and do other things. I leave all of the feminist fighting up to those who aren’t taking 16 units and working 25 hours a week. I have met many men that are caring and considerate. In fact there are many who have, since coming to UCSB, rekindled my trust in the male sex. Individually, men are wonderful.

I am, however, communicating to you a contrasting perspective of the female than the previous article has done. The article in mention does two things. First of all, it is great entertainment. And second of all, it gives men a one-sided perspective of females. Do females want sex? Yes. Do all females want to bang their professor on the classroom desk? No. I do not know why the image of the female has changed; however, I can speculate that the media -newspaper articles included – a half naked woman posing on Storke Tower for Playboy, and individual rumors play a large part in it. I have heard countless times the young and na