Editor, Daily Nexus,

If “Zone Out to Illicit Lust” (Daily Nexus, Feb. 6) by Ericka Koyama was supposed to be a joke, your readers didn’t get it. For one, it was not, in any way, funny. Second, it was unnecessarily graphic for the Nexus, even if it is a college paper. I literally stopped in my tracks while reading it and thought I had confused my Monday with Wednesday, which is usually reserved for light amusement regarding the Wednesday Hump. Nothing I’ve read on those Wednesdays was as raunchy as that X-rated fantasy. The article was under Opinion and nothing about it was in fact an opinion except how sexy she thought her professor was and how she wanted to get in his pants.

With so much going on – not only in the world but on this campus – concerning far more important issues, I don’t know how Koyama ran out of ideas. I am all for freedom of speech, but you as editors have a responsibility for what is printed. There are dangerous consequences to an article like that. It might have been fiction, but if it is not, then the professor she is referring to may get into trouble about his actions. Details like “Fuck me Bryan,” and “he thrusts his dick inside of me” are wholly inappropriate in such a forum. It was not educational at all, and I felt I had wasted a good five minutes of my life. This is a new low for the Nexus. This time around, the actions of your writer and editors were completely unacceptable.