Coming out with politically charged lyrics along with melodic tunes is no easy task for musicians. Most artists these days would rather stick to club bangers, which all sound the same and contribute very little to our ears. Flipsyde however, is filled with meaningful lyrics and perhaps even a lesson on “U.S. History,” one of the tracks on their debut album We the People. Charged with a mix of hip-hop, rock and Latin influence, this band is set to provide an array of themes stemming from the roots of the trio. Vocalist Piper, coming out of the streets of Oakland, Calif., is unstoppable in his sharp rhymes and lyrical diversity. While Steve Knight, also from Oakland, complements his rhymes with his own powerful vocals, which are anything but dull. Electric and acoustic guitar player Dave Lopez, who was born in Chile, brings rhythms of South American music to the mix.

We the People represents the people of the world, Piper comments. Perhaps this is why the Olympics of 2006 even featured their single “Someday” as the title song on the commercial for the games.

The album is so diverse, with up-tempo melodies as well as serious tunes, you can listen to it almost anywhere. We the People does not require a specific state of mind, unless you are ready to take on the bands political and social views of the world. Although their album has been out since last summer, and re-launched in December, Flipsyde is finally being recognized for their modern touch on pressing issues of the past and present.

[Sheyla Molho has a funny last name.]