Facing charges of battery with serious bodily injury, Pi Kappa Alpha (PIKE) fraternity member Matthew Boyer is scheduled to appear for a court hearing on Feb. 1.

Boyer, 21, was arrested on Nov. 20 after he allegedly punched Alpha Tau Omega (ATO) member Joey T. during a sorority-sponsored kickball game. He was released from the custody of the Santa Barbara County Jail on Nov. 22 after posting a $30,000 bail.

District Attorney Gordon Auchincloss said Boyer could spend up to three years in state prison if he is convicted.

“He could get anything from probation to jail [time] to prison [time],” Auchincloss said.

UCSB Director of Greek Affairs Stephan Franklin said he could not comment on whether Boyer would be expelled from PIKE. He also said PIKE retains the sole right to dismiss Boyer.

PIKE President James Anderson declined to comment on Boyer’s case.

Although Boyer’s actions could affect his PIKE membership, Eric Wulf, executive director of the national organization of PIKE, said the UCSB PIKE chapter is not in jeopardy of being penalized.

“If one member broke the law, then it’s not considered a chapter activity,” Wulf said.

Franklin said he believes fights receive greater scrutiny in the community when they are between two greek members than when they are between two non-greeks.

“[Yet] there are less fights in the greek system than on DP on a Friday or Saturday night,” Franklin said.

According to the Isla Vista Foot Patrol report of the incident, members of the PIKE and ATO fraternities had exchanged hostile remarks with each other throughout the day. Boyer and T. had reportedly been exchanging insults for an extended period of time before Boyer allegedly hit T.

T. sustained a fractured cheekbone and was released after receiving treatment at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.