Thursday, Jan. 12: Associated Students brings us the first concert of Winter Quarter this afternoon. Fresh off touring with fellow punksters Social Distortion, the OC-based Bullets and Octane will grace Storke Plaza at 12 sharp. The show is free to all.

Friday, Jan. 13: It seems obvious that the first all-girl IV rock concert of the year will be held at the ever-so-dainty Pink Mailbox. Featuring an eclectic mix of girly lo-fi (Clitorectomy and the Mutilators), neo-new wave (Rocket) and frenetic Latin beats (The Mystery Hangup), this show is not to be missed. The Pink Mailbox can be found at 6668 Pasado Rd.

Saturday, Jan. 14: Seems that Tucker Carlson has picked up the pieces of his bruised ego since getting lashed by Jon Stewart and dumped by CNN. The right-wing commentator, along with liberal commentator Eric Alterman, will engage in what promises to be a heated debate about biases in the news media this afternoon in Campbell Hall. The event, sponsored by Arts & Lectures, is $5 for students.

Sunday, Jan. 15: The Hard to Find Showspace is back with a vengeance, ringing in the New Year with a stellar show tonight at 8. The Advantage will share the stage with local rockers Kissing Tigers. The Hard to Find is located at 7190 Hollister Ave. in Goleta.

Monday, Jan. 16: Occupying some wall space at the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum until Jan. 22 is Alice Hutchins’ “Magnetic Encounters.” The 89-year-old Santa Barbara resident is renowned for her use of magnets and metals in a number of eccentric and inventive sculptures. The Contemporary Arts Forum is located downtown at 653 Paseo Nuevo.

Tuesday, Jan. 17: Tonight, Associated Students presents the low-budget thriller “Saw II” in IV Theater. Starring Mark Wahlberg’s less hunky older bro, Donnie, alongside Beverly Mitchell and Tobin Bell, the film promises blood, gore and lots of screaming damsels in distress. Admission is $3 for ID-carrying students and the screenings begin at 7:30 and 10.

Wednesday, Jan. 18: The UCSB Art Museum is currently exhibiting a collection of works by Santiago Calatrava titled, “The Architect’s Studio.” The show, which runs until March 6, features a number of sketches, photographs and conceptual drawings by the world-renowned architect. Calatrava’s works include the Olympic Sports Complex in Athens and the Milwaukee Art Museum. Admission is free to students.