It has only been a few months since Hurricane Katrina hit our nation, but the focus on the need for aid and support has diminished with each passing day. We mustn’t forget the victims who once lived in the affected regions and face the challenge of rebuilding and restoring their homes and lives daily. We need your help in our efforts to revive our energy and dedication to those in our own nation who were devastated by this tragedy.

I am the president of Resonance, a socially conscious clothing line. Resonance is an established company operated by students with various majors and backgrounds. Because the company promotes a message of social awareness and responsibility, Resonance has a developed network of supporters, which include Nobel Peace Prize recipients, acclaimed artists, hip-hop and rock groups and university professors.

In response to the catastrophe that struck our nation just three months ago, my clothing line and its sister community-based organization INSPIRELIFE have launched a national campaign to bring young people like you to the table to assist those who were affected by Katrina.

The campaign is called projectHERE (Hurricane Evacuation Relief Effort) and has already been in the works for the past three months. The project centers on a specially designed tote bag, sold for $15. $10 of the purchase price is donated directly to Operation USA, one of the top international disaster relief agencies in the nation. In addition, we are coordinating donations of essential survival goods (first-aid kits, soap, bottled water, etc.) at collection locations at high school and college campuses across California. All donations are placed inside relief tote bags and regularly delivered to medical clinics in the affected regions, via Operation USA.

Resonance is currently accepting orders online via popular online outlets such as and or through our website, Operation USA is accepting donations online at, via credit card at (800) 678-7255 and by mail at Operation USA, 8320 Melrose Ave. #200, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

Please consider the ways in which you can bring relief to the victims of this devastating tragedy and reach out to our neighbors who are in need. These tote bags would make thoughtful gifts to friends and are a good reminder of the true spirit of the holiday season. If you would like to help coordinate a supply drive at UCSB, please contact me and I’ll put you in touch with other volunteers at your school.

Joshua To is the president of Resonance and can be reached at