-Appreciative, long-stemmed daisies to the University for the four-week Winter Break granted to students this year.
-Righteous, bullhorn-wielding daisies to A.S. for trekking up to Berkeley to protest the Regents’ decision to raise student fees.
-Late-blooming daisies to the University for finally beginning construction on the long-awaited Broida bike path.
-Gloriously tall, proud daisies to the UCSB men’s soccer and women’s volleyball teams for making the NCAA Tournament yet again.
-Tirelessly heroic daisies to the EMTs and paramedics who worked in Isla Vista over Halloween weekend.
-Enlightened, bearded daisies to the animal-vegetable-mineral guy in Isla Vista for spending all his money at Kinko’s.

– Evil, Scrooge-like dumpsters to the UC Regents for raising student fees, while at the same time, giving themselves a pay raise.
– Misguided, shady dumpsters to A.S. Legislative Council for earmarking thousands of dollars at a meeting in Berkeley that was inaccessible to nearly all UCSB students.
– Bestial, party-pooping dumpsters to Event Staffers at the UCSB men’s soccer game against San Diego State for tackling fans who rushed the field.
– Cash-filled dumpsters to Arnold Schwarzenegger for wasting $50 million in taxpayer money on a special election.
– Pointless, inconvenient dumpsters to the University for removing and relocating bike racks on campus… and then ticketing students for parking where the racks used to be.
– Money-hungry, unforgiving dumpsters to Transportation & Parking Services for raising parking rates and fines.