Editor, Daily Nexus,

They increased fees again. Fucking bastards. You’d think America would want to educate its people. But I guess that’s just what we think. I guess it would just be cheaper to have the next generation of politicians, lawyers and doctors be stupid. Eight more percent, on top of the $2,500 I already pay every quarter. Poor kids next in line. That’s $200 more a quarter that will have to come out of their pockets (or their parents’). That is eating for a month. That is five new pairs of jeans. That is, in some cases, the difference between one job and two. I think this is stupid. Lame. Downright retarded. But mostly I think this is sad. I’m not even for human rights, equality or any of that fun jazz. In fact, I couldn’t care less about someone who sits around on their butt and complains, but for those who are working their ass off to make more of themselves, they deserve it, they deserve what they are working toward. They work while the schools just keep fucking them, hard, in the ass, with no lube. And that bothers me.

What bothers me most though… here at UCSB, they have built something like six new buildings and two new parking garages, in just the last two years, without which we were living just fine before. If even one, ONE, of these buildings had been not built and those millions of dollars went toward the stupid ass things our fees are paying for, then school could have been free, for almost an entire year, for every undergrad attending UCSB. And we don’t have a say in this. Who said I wanted a new alumni building, because I for damn sure know it wasn’t me. Why do we need to be developing now? Why while we are in a financial slump? Why couldn’t this wait? We’ve lived this long without them.

Stupid rich old people, making all the decisions without listening to anything we have to say. There was a protest last week at Berkeley. Great good that did. They made the decision before we even got there.

I have to admit though, this is our fault. It’s not like I was at the protest. It’s not like any of us even looked into it. We’re lazy, ignorant and complacent, just like the board of regents wants us to be.