UC Police Dept. officers arrested an 18-year-old male UCSB student early Saturday morning in connection with an attempted rape at a university residence hall.

Francisco Torres (FT) resident Christian Covarrubias, 18, was arrested by UCPD officers Saturday after he allegedly forced his way into the room of a female FT resident and attempted to sexually assault her. Officer Mark Signa of UCPD said Covarrubias was arrested on charges of burglary and attempted rape and was taken to Santa Barbara County Jail where, as of Sunday evening, he was still being held on $250,000 bail.

Signa said officers responded to a call at 5:40 a.m. from a female resident at FT. The woman told officers that a man had allegedly forced his way into her room and had attempted to sexually assault her. She said she managed to fend off her attacker and get him out of her room.

Upon a search of the FT grounds, Signa said, UCPD officers found Covarrubias, who matched the victim’s description of the suspect. He said officers arrested Covarrubias after the woman identified him as her alleged attacker.

The UCPD is continuing its investigation into the incident, Signa said.