While almost every house in Isla Vista will be crowded this weekend with hordes of Halloween visitors, a newly revised policy aims to keep the university residence halls completely devoid of guests.

From Thursday, Oct. 27 at 5 p.m. through 8 a.m. on Nov. 1, residents are barred from having visitors in their rooms at any time — a more restricted version of last year’s policy prohibiting overnight guests. Also, students might be asked to provide identification to enter the residence halls, which will be locked from Thursday afternoon through Tuesday morning.

“All students inside the residence halls should have ID on them at all times because they could be asked for it at any point,” said Stephen Brothwell, assistant resident director of Anacapa Hall.

To help ensure that only residents enter the residence halls, Brothwell said, the locks on all exterior doors — excluding the main entrances — have been changed. He also said all resident assistants and resident directors (RD) will carry rosters of the residence halls; if a UCSB student who does not live in the halls is caught wandering around inside, he or she will be in violation of the weekend policy and subject to disciplinary action.

Students who are caught in violation will be sent to a university hearing, the dates of which will be set after Halloween weekend, said Joyce Ester, Housing and Residential Services judicial affairs coordinator. Punishments will be set at individual hearings.

“All of the policies and rules that will be in effect for the weekend were decided within the department, so that any issues that come up during the weekend can be addressed immediately, ” Ester said.

Students may only have guests in the residence halls during the weekend if it is for “academic purposes” and only after they receive approval from their RD, said Amanda Eversmann, RD for Anacapa Hall. However, these guests are only permitted to stay in the building between 12 and 5 p.m., and only in designated areas of the halls.

Eversmann said resident hall staff passed fliers out to residents listing the rules for the weekend and posted signs for alternative social activities to the party-scene in I.V.

“We are just trying to ensure a safe weekend for all the residents in the dorms,” Eversmann said.

However, Willie Pinkerton, an undeclared freshman and Francisco Torres Residence Hall resident, said his girlfriend plans to visit him this weekend — as she does twice a month — but because of the housing policy, he does not know where she will be able to stay.

“I understand why they have extra rules for Halloween, but it sucks for those students who just want a fun, safe weekend, because we are punished as well as the students who might cause problems,” Pinkerton said.