Editor, Daily Nexus,

This letter is in reply to Courtney Weaver’s article (“Proposition 73 Endangers Women,” Daily Nexus, Oct. 25). Many women have abortions to rid themselves of a problem. I am in complete agreement with this, as the law states that women have a right to choose.

However, there is a great difference between an adult making these kinds of decisions, and a minor. The decision to have sex is a life-changing decision. Having sex introduces new worries, such as possible pregnancy and STDs. If a woman faces these consequences, it is in her legal right to get an abortion. If a minor were to face the same situation, the law grants her the same right. Establishments (of which I am not in opposition) grant minors a level of secrecy, allowing them to abort without the ‘humiliation’ of involving their parents. However, the definition of a minor is one who is legally in the care of her parents/guardians. Such establishments defy that fact and place adolescents in the hands of the state.

Post Abortion Syndrome (PAS) is a factor as to why Prop. 73 was pushed in the first place. PAS involves extreme depression of the would-be mother after having had an abortion. It may not occur immediately afterwards, but it is very common. Parents may become angry or even irate in discovering that their little angel is pregnant, but they will offer advice and other options to young, frightened teens in such instances. The willingness to have sex equates the willingness to accept the consequences. If one is not mature enough to deal with that, then they simply are not mature enough to have sex.