Editor, Daily Nexus,

I had to write a rebuttal to a certain line of Nina Love Anthony’s most recent Wednesday Hump article “Brake for Slippery Sex” (Daily Nexus, Oct. 19). The article shines much needed light on a constant problem I have found with many guys, especially at UCSB. However, I have an issue with the fifth line: “I’d even settle for the four hours of begging that Jewish foreplay entails.” While I myself am not Jewish, my boyfriend of three years is. I feel like I have to stand up not only for him, but for all the other Jewish guys out there that some of my girlfriends have been lucky enough to find.

I have been with a few guys before, and trust me, after four hours of Jewish foreplay, Jews are the only ones I am begging for. I went to a Catholic high school and dated the captain of the basketball team and one of the linebackers from the football team, and to put it bluntly, Catholic boys can’t “hang” with the Jewish men.

Now, I could have easily read the article and looked past the ignorant and misguided remark, but I thought I would take this chance to right a wrong and, better yet, to introduce all of the women reading this to the wonders of my kind of man and every girl’s dream man.

Nina, maybe you will stop whining about “four minutes of disinterested bouncing” if you’re lucky enough to find a Jewish guy who will put up with your negative attitude.