Editor, Daily Nexus,

This is in response to “Learning Disabled Find Clarity Through Project Eye-to-Eye” (Daily Nexus, Oct. 10) by Jeff Slovak. I applaud him for opening up about his learning disability, LD/ADHD and for sharing information about Project Eye-to-Eye. It seems too rare to read a column in the Daily Nexus about disabilities.

Personally, I am affected by the anxiety disorder called agoraphobia, which also makes paying attention in class very difficult. Anxiety and depression are very common ailments in the psychiatric world and I am sure that other students at UCSB suffer from similar ailments. I have a question for Slovak and the general student population: Is there an anxiety program at UCSB or in Isla Vista?

In my experience, I have found the Disabled Students Program (DSP) to be greatly helpful for students of all disabilities – whether physical, learning, or psychological. I would like to urge all students who suspect that they may have a learning or anxiety issue to contact DSP, as they are very accommodating in helping students with these disorders. Their help – such as taking exams in a separate room, being given longer testing time, and note-taking services – has allowed me to continue attending school here. If you would like more information about anxiety disorders or agoraphobia, then visit the Anxiety Disorders Association of America website at www.adaa.org.