I hate the Anaheim of the Los Angeles area of Orange County of the United States of the planet Earth … Angels. I loathe them. True story.

But when you loathe every team in the playoffs, you take the moral victories where you get them — the lesser of two evils, if you will.

In my case, my moral victory comes over the big-market media. Not to say that the Angels of wherever the hell they’re from aren’t a big market, but I’m just happy that the Yankees/BoSox hoopla is finally over.

I consider myself a renaissance man of sorts when it comes to the sports world. During my free time, while the Nexus eats away at my soul and I stare at a computer screen until the wee hours of the morning, I enjoy reading up on what the best minds in the sports writing industry have to say — all of it.

More or less, it consists of columnists licking at their chops in anticipation of another classic ALCS matchup between the longtime rivals Sox and Yanks. And I for one don’t care. I care about good baseball. So does the rest of the United States outside of the northeast.

Are you taking notes yet, FOX?

It took arguably one of the best postseason games in baseball history (18 innings) to take the collective attention of the national media away from the hangover in Red Sox nation and the speculation that “The Boss” is going to fire everyone from Joe Torre to his kids’ arithmetic tutor if the Yanks don’t win it all this season.


There are better stories. And now that both the Sox and the Yanks are off of their radars, maybe they can focus on something, anything, besides the Sox and Yanks. Why were they so surprised that the team with the best record in the American League swept the BoSox who had no pitching? Because they’re the goddamned Red Sox and they live in an oversized media circus.

I relish the vision of A-Rod getting all choked up watching another team celebrate in front of him and the rest of his overpriced Yanks. Nice double play ball in the ninth, Alex. You’re really earning your stripes. Go home and roll around in all of your money.

Because now at least, the media will finally focus on the stories that matter. Let’s frame the historical significance of the Astros’ thrilling game four win on Sunday. Let’s talk about how dominant the White Sox’ pitching has been. Let’s talk about the Cardinals just being bad-asses. And finally, let’s figure out where the hell the Angels are actually from.

At least I’ll have some decent reads until basketball season starts.

Daily Nexus sports editor Sean Swaby may hate the Yankees, but he wouldn’t mind going out on the town with Derek Jeter, running up his bar tab and feeding off of Jeter’s legendary ability to pull ass.