Ever been interested in the art scene on campus? Most of you may know that there is an art museum located near the UCen, but do you know about the free student gallery? Located in the Arts Building on campus, Gallery 1434 has been the place to view the latest new student artwork at UCSB. Both undergraduate and graduate art students have the opportunity to display their work in a professional-type setting, for what would art be if not presented as such? Think of it as a wildlife refuge for the artists’ work. This space includes two rooms, one main room and a smaller back room. The gallery is able to sustain all different types of pieces including works such as installation, sculpture, painting, print, drawing, video and photography. Gallery 1434 is usually open only on Wednesday nights around 6:30 p.m. after Art Symposium.

What is Art Symposium, you might be asking yourself? It is a lecture given by a visiting artist, gallery owner, curator or art critic who gives a presentation at I.V. Theater on Wednesday nights at 5 p.m. Art majors are usually seen hitting up Art Symposium and then making their way over to the Arts Building to check out Gallery 1434. Make this a weekly event and give yourself a chance to hang around artsy people and get a glimpse of the interests behind these student-produced works. Tell your friends about this hidden entity in the art scene on campus. If the latest artwork does not entice you to come, these openings often include free food and live music.