Comedy. Drama. Romance. The closest thing to porn on TV before 11 p.m. With all of this going for it, I can’t help but wonder: can there possibly be a better show than “Sex and the City”?

Sure, “Entourage” is a great comedy, but “Sex and the City” is a television masterpiece. “Entourage” may showcase the woes of an overpaid actor who can’t decide whether or not to buy a Hummer, but “Sex and the City” will teach you how to give a hummer, how to talk about giving it, how to go about getting your own in return and what shoes are appropriate for each of the aforementioned occasions.

“Sex and the city” is like a great orgasm. I know that is the most predictable simile ever, but it’s true. “Sex and the City” – or SATC as my friends and I call it – can always put a smile on your face, even when it’s making you cry. It can take you somewhere great, glamorous, unbelievable and unreal. Sometimes it can be hardcore or just plain hard to handle, but it’s always hot. And even when it forces you to face harsh relationship-related realities (I know I’m not the only one who’s teared-up at “SATC” during particularly painful points in my dating past), it’s never unwelcome. “Sex and the City” can make you laugh, it can make you cry and it always leaves you begging for more. Come on now . . .”Entourage” is funny and all, but honestly, nothing beats great sex.

Otherwise, Daily Nexus county editor Mollie Vandor only watches television after 11 p.m.