The Associated Students Legislative Council allocated $500 of A.S. Finance Board’s budget to a sorority fundraiser on Wednesday night because the group had failed to attend the last board meeting on Monday.

The Kappa Omega chapter of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated originally asked for $671 for their “Delta Week” fundraiser, but were given $500 after Leg Council members decided the amount requested was too high. Delta Week, which begins Saturday, Oct.1, includes events such as an AIDS Walk and a Hurricane Katrina discussion forum. Leg Council passed the motion to allocate Finance Board’s funds to the sorority with a vote of 15 to five.

Delta Sigma Theta member Tauny Palm, who represented the sorority at the council meeting, said the sorority was late in requesting funds from Finance Board because it was inactive over the summer. The event, which has been organized by the sorority annually since 1974, might also be funded by local businesses, Palm said.

“We’re expecting 30 to 40 people per event,” Palm said. “Some will have more, some will have less. We’ve been passing out flyers and putting posters in every [residence] hall. We’re also hoping to get a Nexus ad, depending on how much money we have.”

Internal Vice President Adam Graff said Aseye Allah, the chair of Finance Board, did not object to Leg Council allocating the funds – an action usually performed only by the board.

According to the A.S. legal code, Leg Council may allocate Finance Board funds without its approval.

Rep-at-Large Jason Everitt said he understood the sorority’s position and would support an allocation of $500, but not the original $671 because Delta Sigma Theta should have planned ahead.

“I support the amount,” Everitt said. “But we should never need to compensate because of time. It’s a lot of money … I don’t mind funding this because it is a good thing but I feel it sets a bad precedent for Finance Board.”