Over 1,000 local residents were left in the dark Thursday morning when a tree fell and knocked out power lines on the southwest corner of Cordoba Road and Embarcadero del Mar.

Southern California Edison spokeswoman Susan Heard said 1,505 of the power company’s customers lost their power at 1:39 a.m., and electricity was restored for most of the area’s residents by 4:42 in the morning. As of Thursday afternoon, information about what caused the tree to fall was not available.

Heard said some customers did not get their power back until 11:06 a.m., but since the outage occurred so early in the morning, Southern California Edison did not receive any complaints from residents or businesses in the area.

“Our job is to make sure we restore power to our customers as quickly as possible and our customers generally are very understanding,” Heard said. “I think it’s fabulous we got most power restored within about three hours.”

Heard said Southern California Edison has 1.5 million power lines throughout the southern part of the state and although the company deals with outages caused by trees on a regular basis, it cannot always guarantee when power lines will be fixed.

“Well, it takes us as long as it takes us,” Heard said. “Our crews are dispatched as soon as the power goes out and, as soon as they can restore power, they do.”