“Wearable art” is how up-and-coming fashionista Scarlett Baily describes her line of handmade, hand-painted and designed T-shirts. Baily, a sophomore art history and Spanish major at UCSB, has a unique style that is eminent in her line called “Made In China.”

Currently, Baily hand-paints her T-shirts with eclectic designs inspired by both her art history background and her previous experience as a caricature artist at Sea World. She makes small references to icons in art, face painting and is also influenced by the ideas she sees in “funny-looking posters,” ensuring that her pictures are 100% original and that no two shirts are alike.

Baily does not discriminate when it comes to her target clientele: She creates shirts that “anyone can wear,” especially if they are looking to add a little pizzazz to their blas