As the school year comes to a close, there are a lot of things that we as students have to say goodbye to and finally let go.

Obviously, seniors have to say goodbye to our lovely campus and their four wonderful years at UCSB. We have to pack up all of our loving memories from our houses and say goodbye to classmates, friends, neighbors and our own beachfront properties. Many of you freshmen are going to have to say goodbye to the dorm life you’ve come to know during the past nine months. Trust me; this will be one of your easiest goodbyes.

Yet, I’m writing about a different kind of goodbye. One that hits a little too close to home.

I was one of those people who had a healthy, fun and stable relationship during fall, winter and spring quarters this year. Yes, I’m 20, but this was really my first relationship experience. I’ve had my little crushes and flings, even a few random hookups, but not one could match this relationship or even come close to its magnitude. I was able to let myself totally fall for someone, and I loved it. I’m sure many of you can relate.

I dreaded the uncertainty of summer, how our relationship could stand the test of time apart. Would our hearts really stay as strong and intense away from each other as they were here in Isla Vista? The fact that we sustained a relationship in I.V. speaks volumes on its own. But that’s beside the point.

I thought it would be incredibly hard to say goodbye before summer, with me being in France and then home to the Bay Area during those three fateful months and him working in L.A. We had the whole “what’s going to happen this summer?” talk and I absolutely feared the result.

But now I look out on the next three lazy months with a different attitude. One week ago, my summer plans were made for me.

We broke up.

Now, this isn’t a spiteful article or a cry for pity by any means. It’s more of a message of hope; for him, me and everyone else in our situation. I’m not saying it was the case, but often people break up to free themselves for something in the future. For example, he has to go to summer school and won’t be able to call his girlfriend every minute of the day to give her the attention she craves. Or, she’s going home to see all of her favorite single friends and can’t wait to go partying or clubbing in the most exotic places with her girls. Who wants to be the one to refuse a night of fun and debauchery because they’re waiting for their sweetie to call?

Whatever the reason, many of us are single once again. I know more than anyone that it cuts like a knife right now. I can’t associate my sophomore year with anything other than him, because almost everything I did this year was as part of a couple.

But like I said, there’s one week before a three-month void, which is sure to offer plenty of time to heal deep wounds that affect us every minute of the day. Time for all of us to accept our goodbyes. Time to grow close to the people that matter the most in our lives.

So I’m taking this chance to really say the most heartfelt goodbye I can muster, one last time. You all should too. These are the last weeks of the regular school year at UCSB for everyone, not just me. And this doesn’t just apply to broken relationships. Goodbyes come in all forms.

When you’re ready, wipe your tears and come out. A world of excitement and new friendships awaits you once you’ve embraced the end of this road. You are never alone in a goodbye. Cherish what you had. Take what you learned and apply it fully to every aspect of your future.

When you look back on the year, I hope you can smile like I can. I smile because of all the beautiful things I allowed myself to experience by opening my heart and living fully.

Maybe I’m not writing to say goodbye then, but perhaps more of a thank you.

Thank you for what you’ve shown me this year.

Monique Moyal is a Daily Nexus staff writer.