Sean Swaby, this is the final straw. Something has to be said. Over and over I have read your articles in the Opinion section about your “debaucherous nights in I.V.,” your ideas about the different ways to get wasted and your “glorious afternoons with your Budweiser 30 pack” out on the raft. Please stop. Nobody really wants to hear about it. Unfortunately, you are the kind of person who gives UCSB its name as being strictly a party school and nothing else. Swaby, we all drink. We’ve accepted it, we’ve moved on and we don’t talk about it too much. You are the kind of person that my friends and I commonly refer to as a “cheeseball,” and let me give you a quick definition of one: A person of our age who talks excessively about how awesome it is to party, drink, do drugs, get on girls, etc.

These things, despite what you may think, do not need to be discussed in excess, and it should be assumed that they are things we do as college students. Talking about them only proves that you want everyone to know that you do them. No one really cares. Realistically, we judge people by the kind of person they are, not by how many Coors Lights they can pound in half an hour.

Sure, drinking is fun. Sure, I’ve gotten drunk and have let it be known that I am “wasted.” But writing about it over and over for the college newspaper? Unnecessary. As college students, we should be exploring deeper issues than partying. That is what we are here for: to find ourselves and to gain the ability to think critically about the world. This is not being accomplished by glorifying drinking. You have never even once mentioned the negative aspects of drinking. Drinking can lead to alcoholism, which is not awesome. It is a real problem and you are not exactly setting the best example for UCSB students who aspire to be something more than a drunken bum in the future.

So, do what you want, Sean. Drink until you pass out. Puke everywhere. Even call me up if you want to grab a drink, but I’d rather not discuss how cool it is. Let’s just assume that it is commonplace in any college atmosphere.

Jonathan Morin is a senior sociology major.