With a fiery-red passion for journalism matched only by his orange hair, third-year biological sciences major Matt Dozier will become next year’s editor in chief of the Daily Nexus.

The UCSB Press Council named Dozier, who served as the paper’s county editor this year, to the position after interviewing him Thursday afternoon. Dozier ran for the editorship unopposed and won the staff recommendation last Monday. He has been with the publication for about two years, working as a reporter, staff writer, and assistant news editor during his sophomore year before taking over as county editor in Fall 2004. Dozier said he is very excited to take on his new role.

“I’ve loved working with the paper and look forward to seeing what new direction we can take it in next year,” he said.

Dozier, who is replacing third-year political science major and current editor in chief Daniel Haier, is ultimately responsible for the editorial content of the paper and handles managerial and personnel matters. Haier said he is confident in Dozier’s ability to lead the paper.

“Underneath the wild ‘fro, Matt possesses solid news judgment and leadership potential,” Haier said. “He’s really only a haircut away from greatness.”

Tybie Kirtman, publications director for the Nexus and La Cumbre yearbook, said she looks forward to working with the newly anointed editor.

“This is the 20th [editor in chief] that I’m going to have and he’s well qualified,” Kirtman said. “I think we’re going to have a very good year.”

Reflecting on his work at the daily publication, Dozier said he enjoyed following and reporting on the evictions of residents living on blufftop houses along Del Playa Drive.

“My favorite part of working at the Nexus has always been covering issues that have real significance for our readers – it was amazing following the evictions on Del Playa, because they affected so many people in I.V. and I could really see the different sides of the news I was covering.”

Dozier said he wanted to work for the Daily Nexus after he started reading the paper during his first year at UCSB.

“I had no journalistic experience, but it seemed like something that would be fun to be a part of,” Dozier said. “Turns out I was right. The only time I ever regret it is when I’m still in the office at 2 a.m. the night before a midterm – which only happens a couple times a quarter.”