Radio Girl: So, you preformed “Country Death Song,” that’s a pretty old song for you guys.
Brian Ritchie: Yeah, that came out in 1984, on our second album. It’s quite a popular song, which is surprising – considering that it is kind of a down-home country song. I guess the story is dramatic enough that people can relate to it.

About a man killing his daughter?
Yeah, it’s not too cheerful. There is a tradition of this in American folk music of, you know, the murder ballad. It’s the kind of song that could have been written a hundred years ago.

You guys should be pretty mad that “The Ring” stole your idea.
“The Ring”?

Yeah, the horror movie. That idea is straight from this song.
Did that guy kill his daughter?

Yeah, he finally got sick of her and pushed her down a well. That just created more problems for him.
Oh yeah… I didn’t see the movie, but I read the book.
[Note: “The Ring” (2002) is based on the Japanese film “Ringu” (1998), which is based on the K