When Mike Wood teaches CPR to UCSB fraternities and sororities, he’s doing more than just resuscitating dummies — every dollar he raises through the training sessions will be used to breathe new life into breast cancer research.

A Santa Barbara City College student and member of Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity, Wood said he began the CPR training program three months ago and currently offers the adult CPR certification program to local sororities and fraternities in exchange for an unspecified monetary donation. Since beginning his program, Woods said he has certified over 100 people in CPR and has raised approximately $200 for the American Breast Cancer Foundation.

“I recently lost a family member to [breast] cancer, and I wanted to do my part and help benefit the community,” Wood said.

Wood said he has been CPR certified for seven years and has been teaching CPR as a volunteer for the American Red Cross for about a year. As part of the certification process, Wood said he teaches participants scene safety, how to help someone who is choking and how to treat a patient who is in shock. The training program takes approximately three hours, and Wood said he relays the information of those who complete the course to the Red Cross for official certification.

Thus far, Wood said he has taught CPR classes for his fraternity brothers in Alpha Epsilon Pi and members of the Alpha Phi sorority, and is scheduled to teach a course at Gamma Phi Beta sorority later this month.

“It is a good event to do as a group,” Wood said. “It bonds people together and teaches them something important for community. Everyone really likes it.”

Melissa Goodman, a junior communication major and member development director at Alpha Phi, said the CPR certification was a great opportunity for the sorority to learn an important skill that could help save lives.

Goodman said she thought Wood’s training was successful, and said the program was very interactive.

“We were split in groups of nine or 10 girls and we helped each other out; we quizzed each other on what to do in certain situations and we got to play a little,” Goodman said. “I would recommend it because not only are you learning, but you’re also bonding.”

Jennifer Ferland, third-year communication and psychology major and Alpha Phi member, said she thought the training session was helpful. She said she felt confident she could perform CPR if someone’s life were in danger.

“It was a very applicable program,” Ferland said. “I think learning CPR was something we could all take with us, especially living in I.V. You never know what could happen.” For more information on Wood’s training program, he can be reached via e-mail at vsrclifegaurd@aol.com.