Funding allocations for several canceled events returned to the coffers of the Associated Students Finance Board at its meeting Monday, allowing the board to redistribute $975 of unused funds to student groups.

Finance Board, which was broke as of its last meeting on April 11, gave away all but $85 of its newly re-acquired funds, $700 of which was from the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, which returned the money after canceling its Black & Gold Scholarship Ball. The other $275 had been allotted to Phi Sigma Kappa for a poker tournament, which was also canceled. The board may also be reimbursed an additional $961 at next Monday’s meeting, as four more student groups have not used the money allocated to them for certain events. Board members said they agreed to give those organizations until next week to collect their funds.

During yesterday’s meeting, Queer Student Union (QSU), the improv comedy troupe Improvability, Mexican dance group Raices de Mi Tierra and the Reel Loud student film festival petitioned the board for money.

QSU received $340, Improvability got $200 and Raices de Mi Tierra received $350. Of the four groups, only Reel Loud did not receive any funding. Its liaison at the meeting, board member Emily Lu, said the group received $475 from Finance Board at a previous meeting, but needed an additional $200 because they said they had forgotten to include the $2,500 cost of renting Campbell Hall in their budget.

Nina Trigali motioned that Finance Board not give Reel Loud any more money, saying their oversight made them look unprofessional.

“I just think the fact that they misplaced $2,500 makes them not look very prepared, and then they’re coming back to Finance Board after they’ve already come here once,” Trigali said.

Board members proved more enthusiastic about Raices de Mi Tierra, giving the group $350. Second-year art history and Spanish major Trino Tafoya, a Raices de Mi Tierra representative, said the organization needed more than the $50 Finance Board gave to the organization at a previous meeting. Tafoya originally requested $500 from the board for the group’s 15th annual traditional Mexican dance show in Campbell Hall.

“We’re hoping to have a special celebration for families, students and the community in general,” Tafoya said. “We also have 10 or so girls that we teach here in I.V. so they can perform in the show and around the community.”

The Finance Board originally only gave Raices de Mi Tierra $200, but decided to bump the amount to $350 after reopening discussion.

QSU was granted $340 by Finance Board for Queer Pride Week supplies. QSU member and second-year women’s studies major Tanya Paperny requested $500 to fund the week’s events, including a queer wedding ceremony, a variety night and various workshops. Paperny said although this year’s pride week budget is smaller than previous years, the celebration is equally important, especially in light of the boisterous protester who heckled the group’s parade Monday.

“As you can see from that guy outside, there’s still blatant hatred outside,” she said. “Hopefully this week will help us feel physically safe and emotionally safe… We have half the budget of last year and it’s going to be just as good if not better.”

Improvability member and third year global studies major Kolby Knickerbocker requested $1,000 from the board to pay for advertising for a “Seis de Mayo” show, which he said would hopefully draw students away from the parties that weekend and to the show’s family-friendly atmosphere. Though Improvability received $200, board member Kelly Burns thought their cause deserved additional funding.

“I think we should give them more,” Burns said. “The event is intergenerational and alternative programming is a really good idea.”