For the second year in a row, the UCSB undergraduate electorate voted Students’ Party (SP) into the majority of executive positions and A.S. Legislative Council seats — beating out candidates from the Student Action Coalition (SAC).

A total of 4,744, or 27.9 percent, of UCSB’s 17,004 undergraduates voted online in the Associated Students election, which started Monday and ended Thursday at 4 p.m. The presidential election race between Bill Shiebler (SAC), Chaz Whatley (SP) and independent candidate Torrin Brooks went into a run-off count, and the results will not be available until 9 a.m. today.

However, as of Thurs-day evening, SP swept the three remaining executive officer seats, with Adam Graff (SP) receiving 52.86 percent of the votes, beating SAC candidate Joanna Thomas. Graff will be next year’s internal vice president. Kelly Burns, who beat Gerardo Zepeda (SAC) by winning 59.50 percent of the vote, was elected as next year’s external vice president of local affairs. Fifty-six percent of voting undergraduates also re-elected incumbent External Vice President of Statewide Affairs Felicia Cruz, who defeated her challenger, Janett Cardiel (SAC).

SP also won 17 of the 23 seats on Leg Council, giving the party a wide majority on the board.

About 40 members of SP gathered Thursday night at an apartment on the 6600 block of Sueño Road and partied after news of their victory. Many in attendance said they were excited about the party’s win. At the party, Whatley said she was nervous about the outcome of today’s presidential run-off election, but she also congratulated the executive and Leg Council candidates who were elected.

“I’m happy for the Students’ Party people who won and the SAC people who won because they’ve got great personalities and I know they’re going to be really dedicated,” Whatley said.

Brooks, who visited the SP party Thursday night, said running as an independent candidate was a positive experience.

“I think it was a good experience for me and all of the people running because I showed you don’t have to be part of a party to get involved,” he said. “I got all of my ideas out to people without being in a party.”

In a phone interview Thursday night, Shiebler, who said he would speak on behalf of all SAC candidates, said he was disappointed the party did not garner any executive seats.

“It’s disappointing that we didn’t get the other executive positions, but we’re really glad that we did get six Leggies who are on the council to still represent the voice of Student Action Coalition and also be able to work on some of the issues that we were running on our platform,” Shiebler said.

He said he thought SAC ran a clean and fair campaign.

“I thought it was a long, tiring campaign