Editor, Daily Nexus,

Have you ever seen an I.V. Foot Patrol officer arrest someone or been arrested yourself, but couldn’t figure out why? Has an officer made an unprofessional or inappropriate comment to you? Has an officer told you that you were being arrested because you couldn’t possibly get home safely on your own?

Students are concerned with being mistreated at the hands of I.V. police, but can find no recourse to change it. We want to strengthen the relationship between the IVFP and the I.V. community. UCSB students Rachel DiFranco and Myles Rush are co-coordinators of the Education for Sustainable Living Program (ESLP) group studies course called Police and Community Rights Project. The class is participating in legal observing training sessions May 7 and 8, conducted by the Midnight Special Law Collective and organized by ESLP. Participants can learn to capture police behavior on camera and will be taught how to record and gather all pertinent information on police-student interactions safely and legally. Students in the class will begin legal observation April 15 and 16. Look for us in I.V. wearing neon shirts. For information on the training sessions, go to www.midnightspecial.net, and if you want to attend training, please contact Katie Maynard at connect@simplylive.org. For information on how you can start legal observing, e-mail Myles at mrush@umail.ucsb.edu or Rachel at rdifranco@umail.ucsb.edu. Through legal observing, you can help provide students with the means to create a more safe and just environment in I.V.