The three letters of SAC stand for more than just Student Action Coalition. Those three words are much deeper than they appear and are greatly needed in our student government next year. The “Student” aspect shows that the SAC community is truly student-minded, student-run and student-represented. It is the student voice of motivation and of all things that we desire on this campus. “Action” is what SAC does. It organizes and mobilizes around issues facing students. This is the big difference between SAC and other parties. SAC actually acts on what it believes; it doesn’t just talk the talk, it also walks the walk. For example, members of SAC were instrumental last year in the creation of the African Black Coalition, a coalition of Black Student Unions from across the state that work on issues facing our community, thereby giving our community a voice statewide.

The last concept that makes SAC so necessary is that it is a coalition. No question about it, SAC is made up of leaders from all backgrounds. SAC is the only group running for office that has representatives from every aspect of campus life. It represents all ethnic groups, greeks, political activists, environmentalists, feminists, queers and straights. Therefore, SAC encompasses everything that the university is here for — the students.

As chair of the Black Student Union on our campus, I can say that SAC has been there for us. They are the ones organizing students to attend UC regents’ meetings when your student fees are going up. They are the ones who have been holding the administrators on our campus accountable to making UCSB a diverse community. They are the ones who go to city council meetings and make sure that the student voice is heard. They are the ones registering students to vote in I.V. And they are the ones putting their words into action.

Their holistic view of students and of what our student government should be doing is what UCSB needs next year. This year, all we have seen is nothing but talk. From the failed promises of the A.S. Congress to the inaction on the parking problems in I.V., Students’ Party has failed to accomplish any concrete changes for us as students. What we need is someone in office who will take action and stand up for students — someone who does not just come around during elections. SAC’s record speaks for itself. During next week’s elections, I urge all students at UCSB to consider voting for the Student Action Coalition. Let’s not let another year go to waste with inaction in our student government.

Aseye Allah is the UCSB Black Student Union president.