Local cyclists and park enthusiasts are invited to pedal their way over to the Isla Vista Recreation and Park District office tomorrow afternoon for its 10th annual bike tour of the area.

The tour, which is free and open to the public, will depart from the district office at 961 Embarcadero del Mar at 2 p.m. IVRPD secretary Enid Osborn said the ride, which will be led by IVRPD general manager Derek Johnson, will visit all 25 of the parks located in Isla Vista. She said riders will have the opportunity to inspect each park along the way and offer suggestions for improvement that could possibly be included in the IVRPD’s 2005-06 work plan.

Osborn said board members will also discuss future plans for each park with the participants — people she said she hopes will include property owners, student residents and anyone else who uses the parks.

“[Policies] aren’t set in stone, and this is an opportunity for public input,” Osborn said.

Johnson said the suggestions made during the bike tour would be discussed at a preliminary work plan and budget meeting April 21. He said he hopes the public will take an active role in helping the board make its decisions.

“If there’s more ways people can have fun in these parks, we want to know,” Johnson said.

Osborn said the bike tour stops include Sea Lookout Park, located at the intersection of Del Playa Drive and Camino Corto, Trigo-Pasado Park and Sueno Park, among others. In the past, Osborn said, people have suggested improvements like the new rock-climbing boulder — soon to be installed at Trigo-Pasado Park — and recreational equipment, such as new volleyball nets.

“The discussions are pretty casual, and it’s just fun to ride around and see the great parks,” Osborn said. “There’s an emphasis on fun here.”