–The hardships that come with the decision to raise a child should never deter one from pursuing higher education. With the costs of child care on the rise, every cent helps in ensuring those with families have the opportunity to make it to classes, cram for those midterms and bang out those papers like the rest of us.

The Nexus strongly endorses the University Children’s Center reaffirmation.

–On top of food, rent and rising tuition, some students simply cannot afford to find medical service elsewhere.

The Nexus strongly endorses the Student Health Center reaffirmation.

–This folks, is what you call a conflict of interest. The Nexus receives about 80 cents per student per quarter through this fee, which also provides funding to KCSB and the La Cumbre yearbook. Think this one over for yourselves.

The Nexus issues no endorsement for the campus media reaffirmation.

–The MultiCultural Center gets a paltry 75 cents per quarter per student to bring great speakers, programs and performances to campus. That’s worth the bill on its own.

The Nexus strongly endorses the MultiCultural Center reaffirmation.

–The Disabled Students Program continues to ensure our campus is entirely wheelchair accessible. It also ensures disabled students have equal access to all educational resources available to the general student population. It’s well worth the tag of $1.75 per student per quarter.

The Nexus strongly endorses the Disabled Students Program reaffirmation.

–The UC Student Association (UCSA) provides a great way for representatives of all UCs to work together to lobby and help halt the rising cost of tuition. And at 35 cents per quarter per student, that’s less than adding guacamole on your burrito from Freebirds.

The Nexus strongly endorses the UC Student Association reaffirmation.

–The A.S. Community Affairs Board (CAB) works to get students involved in various acts of community service. Their work with disabled people and youth in the Isla Vista area is admirable. Their lock-in fee of $1.15 is well worth it for their commitment to community service.

The Nexus strongly endorses the Community Affairs Board reaffirmation.

–Four years ago, the Nexus strongly endorsed the Isla Vista Community Improvements Initiative. Since then, we have not heard a thing from them. Who are they, and why do they get $1.50 per student per quarter? Improving I.V. sounds like a good idea, but remind us how you are going about it before you ask students to sign the check.

The Nexus strongly opposes the Isla Vista Community Improvements reaffirmation.

–BUIs, DUIs, MIPs and DIPs. We know what these citations are, but what the hell can we do about them? The A.S. Legal Resource Center continues expanding its services and dishing out free legal advice to students. When you need it, such advice can be priceless.

The Nexus strongly endorses the A.S. Legal Resource Center reaffirmation.

–On this year’s Nexus editorial board, where women outnumber men, we found it especially disturbing that we could not find good things to say about the Women’s Commission, besides their support for annual Take Back the Night events. We could not find bad things to say either, but we were worried that the commission is not using the 40 cents per student per quarter it already gets to enfranchise more than a small minority of UCSB women.

The Nexus strongly opposes the Women’s Commission reaffirmation.

–While we’re definitely not fans of renewing our 30-day passes every month – and Nexus staffers have paid enough in parking tickets to fund the economy of a small third-world country – $3.33 per student per quarter is quite a deal, even if you only park on campus after hours once or twice.

The Nexus strongly endorses the Undergraduate Night and Weekend Parking Fee.