Last year, Felicia Cruz told us she would take the train up to Sacramento, Calif. to save on A.S. travel expenses while representing UCSB students in statewide affairs.

True to her word – and the Nexus editors are suckers for the whole integrity thing – Cruz hopped on the Amtrak three times this past year, sacrificing her time for a longer ride to stretch student fees a little further.

But that is not the only reason we are strongly endorsing her once again. In a position that requires building relationships with UC Regents and other state officials, and a developed knowledge of successful lobbying tactics, Cruz has a head start on her opponent. UCSB students should not pass up the rare opportunity to re-elect someone who already knows the ropes and who has already proven to be competent.

In addition, Cruz’s continued efforts toward causes such as outreach and affordability – issues that affect a majority of students – ensures that the interests of Cruz’s constituents at UCSB are not forgotten.

The Nexus strongly endorses Felicia Cruz for A.S. external vice president of statewide affairs.